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All of the Speech-Language Pathologists at PSLT are dedicated to providing research driven, up to date therapy services for children and adolescents who struggle with a variety of developmental and communication-related challenges. Providing solutions that allow children to reach their full potential in all areas of communication is our goal.
At PSLT, we evaluate each child and determine strengths and weaknesses, address family concerns, and develop an individual treatment plan that will incorporate the most appropriate therapy approach and techniques for the child. When appropriate, we
educate families on the techniques that are utilized during each session and then provide ideas of carryover into your daily activities. Goals are often reached by using play-based, child-centered, family-friendly approaches.




Speech therapy for girls in Seattle

   PSLT is here to help enhance the quality of a child's life by improving their ability to communicate with their family and their peers, so that they may reach their full potential. 


  Our Speech-Language Pathologists are highly skilled, professional, energetic, fun, and committed to the work they do with children and families. All PSLT Speech-Language Pathologists hold Master degrees, are ASHA certified (CCC), and are state licensed. Continuing education, even for the most experienced clinician, is highly regarded. Our therapists receive extensive continuing education on timely topics and current therapy techniques and approaches.Please visit our staff page to learn more about our team, and our services page to learn more about some of the therapy techniques and approaches we provide.

Speech Therapy in West Seattle
  • Increased frustration during communication attempts

  • Perseverative or repetetive behaviors

  • Decreased interest in social situations by age 24 months

  • Loss of skills previously mastered

  • Decreased eye contact

  • Lack of imitation skills

  • Decreased/lack of appropriate play skills

  • Absent pointing by one year of age

  • Difficulty with transitions

  • Limited sound repertoire

  • Leaving off first sound of a word

  • Inconsistent sound errors

  • Randomly says a word accurately, then doesn't use it again

  • No words produced consistently by 16 months

  • Delayed response time

  • Increased need for repetition for response to commands & questions

   Speech-Language Warning Signs
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